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Ismail Kasumi played lead role of Dragan 

Written/Producer: Jimi Tihofsi.

Director:Alan M Trow.

Actors: Bislim Muqaj, Ismail Kasumi, Jimi Tihofsi, May-Linda Kosumovic,Selman Jusufi, Fatime Sefaj, Labinot Lajci ect.

Editor: John Richards.

Cinematographer: Mari Yamamura.

Music: Michael Csányi-Wills.

Kosova co-producers: Hidi Haziri Blerim Kaciu.



KESULAT, which translates as The Hats, tells the story of a village doctor who befriends the only Serbian family in a Kosovan village and is treated like a traitor.

Alban Bregu is the village doctor-an Albanian whose patients include his neighbour, Dragan Mulutinovic, a Serb , who lives in the village with his young wife Slavica and ageing father, Milan.

When Milan becomes increasingly ill – it is Alban who is there to administer drugs and friendly support. As Milan says , Alban is a “brave old Albanian”.

Alban’s bravery is tested when he receives a threat to “Stop treating our enemies, or DIE!”

However before this threat becomes a reality, the entire village is thrown into panic and mass exodus by the imminent invasion of the Serbian army.
Dr. Alban and his mother Xhevrije must leave. But his proud and fearless father, Tefik, refuses to leave the house. “I want to see the face of the Serb who burns down my home”, he says defiantly.

Alban and his mother find shelter with other members of the village in a nearby forest.

Here we meet Besnik, an aspiring member of the Kosovo Liberation Army. But he’s an outsider, bitter and hugely disturbed by the death of his father he blames everyone for his plight.

He treats Dr. Alban as a Serbian collaborator. .

What is more, Besnik’s mother is missing, feared killed by Serbs.

Besnik’s inner torment explodes.

In a still troubled and divided land of refugees and outsiders can there be peace?